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Mapfactor Download Windows Ce 6 16

Navigator FREE is identical to commercially available Navigator 10, but instead of TeleAtlas map data the free version is provided with your OpenStreetMap data, which you are surely proud of. The installation is in two steps: first you download SetupUtility and then you install PC or PDA version and download maps of countries of your selection. After installation you can use Navigator FREE offline and there is no need for further connectivity.

mapfactor download windows ce 6 16

In Czech Republic the users were quite excited so I am wondering why there are no comments "from the world" . The conversion algorithms are still in progress (and due to OSM nature probably always will be), but without feedback it is difficult to steer/fix/improve it. So thanks in advance for _any_ comments md/mapfactor

After have installed the windows version on my PC I am excited, too !!! Because all the "framework" of your Navigator10 really seems to be very professional. For example to enter the target address: just type the firts characters of any place name and then all possible street names works fantastic because of the realtime search! Very nice!

PS: I am not realted to mapfactor company in any way so don't think I am giving here any promotion or something like that. Anyone who has read my post here and there can see that I am just affiliated to any good routing solution with OSM based data. Unfortunately there ist not so much progress with Gosmore, and Navit isn't easy to configure. So I am quite happy to have discovered the frre version of mapfactor's Navigator.

Worth a try but unfortunately didn't work for me, it downloaded the files and then just hung. It may be the version of wine that I have but I have too many things going on at the moment to try another distro with a different version. Do you have any plans for a linux version in the future?

So we have to ask mapfactor crew whether there is any progress to define a point as a center of an area or building like all the other OSM editors and renderers do to display an icon for an area POI. Can we give more help to mapfactor?

Can you send me your navigator.log.txt file? Do you use PC, PDA or PND version? It is possible that download of the MCA file was not complete and it is necessary to delete it and start download again. Next version of Setup Utility should be more strict and verify downloaded data.

Hi, I just got Navigator Free installed. Really neat, just what I was looking for!However, I didn't see an option for New Jersey. It seems to have about 45 states. Would it be possible to enable the others?Also, have you considered making the conversion tool available (either to by downloading the tool or by uploading osm files to a web page)?Thanks a ton!


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