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How To Update Powerpoint 2007 To 2018 For Mac

Unfortunately, right as of this moment, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 support has been ended by Microsoft with its entire Office 2007 package.Nonetheless, you can still update your Office and PowerPoint alongside a whole new available version by following these steps:

How To Update Powerpoint 2007 To 2018 For Mac

As of May 2018[update], the last versions of PowerPoint Viewer for all platforms have been retired by Microsoft; they are no longer available for download and no longer receive security updates.[178] The final PowerPoint Viewer for Windows (2010)[179] and the final PowerPoint Viewer for Classic Mac OS (1998)[180][181] are available only from archives. The recommended replacements for PowerPoint Viewer: "On Windows 10 PCs, download the free ... PowerPoint Mobile application from the Windows Store,"[178] and "On Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 PCs, upload the file to OneDrive and view it for free using ... PowerPoint Online."[178]

I just updated to macOS Big Sur but can't access Miscroft word, excel or powerpoint. It was a one time purchase when I bought my laptop. How do it get Miscroft to work so that I can use it and access my existing documents?

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack makes files created with Office 2007 and later work seamlessly on earlier versions of Office. If you're using an unpatched version of Office, this download will fix it. However, before you install this pack, make sure to download and install all of the latest updates from Microsoft.


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