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PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software Astrology In Tamil Smforum Net Rar

PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software Astrology in Tamil smforum net rar

PREDICTT is a Tamil astrology software that claims to offer accurate and comprehensive predictions based on Vedic astrology principles. It is available as a rar file that can be downloaded from the smforum net website. In this article, we will review the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this software.

Features of PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software

According to the description on the website, PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software has the following features:

PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software Astrology in Tamil smforum net rar

  • It can generate horoscopes, marriage matching, panchang, and predictions for any date, time, and place.

  • It supports four types of ayanamsa: N.C.Lahiri, B.V.Raman, K.P., and Sayan.

  • It can display charts in three styles: North Indian, South Indian, and East Indian.

  • It can save birth details and city database for future reference.

  • It can calculate all varga charts, ashtakvarga tables and charts, shadbala table and graph, KP system, and vimshottari dasa.

  • It can provide predictions based on ascendant, planets in rasi and house, and transit.

  • It can export horoscopes to PDF format in English only.

Benefits of PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software

PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software claims to be the most powerful and accurate astrology software based on Indian astrology / Vedic astrology / Hindu astrology / Jyotish in Android Market. Some of the benefits of using this software are:

  • It is easy to use and has an elegant user interface.

  • It is compatible with Android devices and can be installed from Google Play Store.

  • It offers a variety of options and features to customize the astrological calculations and reports.

  • It can help users to understand their personality, destiny, compatibility, career, health, wealth, and other aspects of life.

Drawbacks of PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software

PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software is not without its flaws. Some of the drawbacks of using this software are:

  • It contains ads that may be annoying and distracting for some users.

  • It does not support other languages than English and Tamil.

  • It does not provide any data safety or privacy policy for the users' personal information.

  • It may not be updated regularly or compatible with the latest Android versions.

  • It may not be reliable or accurate as it is based on astrology, which is not a scientific or proven method of prediction.


PREDICTT Tamil Astro Software is a popular and widely used astrology software in Tamil. It offers many features and benefits for users who are interested in astrology and want to know more about their life. However, it also has some drawbacks that may affect its performance, quality, and credibility. Users should be aware of these limitations and use the software with caution and discretion.


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