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Herma H400 16 R Manual

Herma H400 16 R Manual

The Herma H400 16 R is a label applicator that can be used for various labelling tasks. It is designed to apply labels accurately and reliably on different products and surfaces. The Herma H400 16 R has a right-hand applicator with a standard dispensing plate, which means that the label web is inserted from the right side and the labels are dispensed from the front side of the applicator.

In order to use the Herma H400 16 R, you need to follow the operating instructions that are provided by the manufacturer. The operating instructions contain important information about the safety, installation, connection, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the applicator. You can find the operating instructions in PDF format on the following websites:

Download File:

  • [Operating Instructions HERMA 400 -]


  • [Herma 400 Original Operating Instructions - ManualsLib]

The operating instructions are divided into several sections and chapters, each covering a specific aspect of the applicator. Some of the main topics that are covered in the operating instructions are:

  • Safety: This section explains the important safety precautions that you need to take when handling, installing, and operating the applicator. It also describes the safety symbols and signal words that are used in the operating instructions.

  • Transport, Installation and Connection: This section describes how to transport, install, and connect the applicator to the power supply and other devices. It also provides some tips on how to store the applicator when not in use.

  • Operational range: This section defines the proper use of the applicator and the types of adhesive labels that are suitable for it.

  • Threading the Label Web: This section shows how to insert the label web into the applicator according to different web paths. It also provides some illustrations and diagrams to help you understand the web paths.

  • Putting into Operation and Operation: This section explains how to operate and adjust the applicator using the H400 control, which is a device that allows you to control various parameters and functions of the applicator. It also describes the design, function diagram, display structure, quick menu, potentiometers, and configuration menu of the H400 control.

  • Maintenance: This section provides some instructions on how to clean and maintain the applicator and its components. It also lists some spare parts and accessories that are available for the applicator.

  • Troubleshooting: This section helps you to identify and solve some common problems that may occur with the applicator. It also provides some error messages and codes that may appear on the display of the H400 control.

The operating instructions are written in a clear and concise manner, with many examples, tables, figures, and diagrams to help you understand the applicator better. They also contain some notes, warnings, cautions, and tips that provide additional information or advice on certain topics. You should read all parts of the operating instructions carefully before using the applicator and keep them handy for future reference.


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