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The 10

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Last year I spoke with 3 CEOs in one week and they were all writing a book. I've had a book on my goal list for a long time and walked away from those meetings determined to figure out how to get started.

Next I decided if I was going to figure it out, there had to be other business leaders who wanted to figure it out too and after talking my friend Lindsay into joining this group I was loosely calling The 10, we started to reach out to our networks. Within a few weeks we had our 10 and got started.

We each have a book that needs to be read. We are also shifting the landscape for women authors by introducing a wave of new books. It doesn't end with our 10 though, there are more groups of 10 lined up behind us, writing and readying their books to start. If you'd like to figure out how to write the book in you, contact me. The 10 is waiting.

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